Everyone’s welcome!

As people called to love and care for our neighbors, we have closed our campus to avoid the possibility of spreading the COVID19 virus. We will be moving all of our activities to online platforms.

If you are in need to care or support at this time, please call the office – (808) 579-9261 – and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you need to speak with Pastor Robin you may email her at pastor@makawaounionchurch.org.

We send our prayers to you and to the world knowing that God is surely with you and we are all in this together.

In God’s Peace
Rev. Robin R. Lunn
Pastor, Makawao Union Church

We’re known for our building, but what’s most important are our people. From its founding in 1861, this has been a spiritual home for diverse people of differing backgrounds and perspectives, a safe place for questions, a church that welcomes in Christ’s name.

Our covenant says it best: We strive to be “a church of the open mind, the warm heart, the aspiring soul, and the social vision which ever seeks to express, in all walks of life, the mind and spirit of Jesus.”

Yes, you are welcome here!